Sourdough Bread

A few months ago, Martha Levie from Abigail’s Oven demonstrated how to make sourdough bread at a workshop here at our home. I fell in love with this bread and have been making it ever since. It is kind of a long process, but not too intrusive. If you’re up for it, read on! Or you […]

Corn Meal

Today I started to make cornbread muffins. However, when I looked into the cupboard, there was no cornmeal. Thus time to grind more. I thought I would share some tips on successfully making corn flour. We have a K-Tec Kitchen Mill. I’m pretty sure it belonged to Stan’s grandmother. We live in her (former) home […]

Vinegar Rinse for Garden Greens

A friend of ours, and a long-time gardener taught me this trick to get the grit off of garden greens. Rinse the greens in running water, then fill a bowl with enough water to cover the greens and add a cap full of vinegar. (About 1 T per gallon of water.) Let it soak for about […]

Garlic Scapes

We are enjoying a beautiful year in the garden! In fact, today I found some garlic that I didn’t remember planting. This garlic was growing beautiful scapes, ready to harvest and eat! The garlic from our garden is sourced from a local garlic farmer and friend, Greg McGary, at Thistle Creek Farms. Check it out! Scapes are […]

How to get rid of the waist gap in the back of pants

Have you ever tried on pants that are a “10” in every way, except they have a large gap in the back of the waistband? If so, here’s one technique to “Close the Gap!” You will need: Some 1″ elastic. You will need enough elastic to go around the back of your waist. I cut 18 […]