Varroa Mites 2: Powdered Sugar Roll

A powdered sugar roll is a great way to estimate how many mites are in a honeybee colony. Knowing the mite load can help beekeepers more sustainably manage varroa mite load in bees. We prefer this method to the alcohol wash as the bees will survive this process. In this post, we’ll show you how […]

Varroa Mites 1: Prevention

Varroa mites are a parasitic mite affecting honeybees. Mites poke a hole in the bees to drink bee blood. They move from bee to bee, drinking blood and transmitting disease. Mites feed on both adult bees and brood. An adult mite enters the cell of a larvae and then is sealed inside the wax cell. The mite […]

Gift Ideas for the Beekeeper in your life

Looking for a great gift for the beekeeper in your life? Here are a few great suggestions that could fit most budgets, with approximate prices. 1. A new hive tool ($7). These things come in handy and you can’t have too many. See our amazon affiliate store for one example. 2. A subscription to a […]

Honeybee Wax Scales

To make wax, honeybee workers consume nectar or honey and digest the sugars. The sugars recombine to make the complex carbohydrate known as “Beeswax.” Scientists have not fully analyzed the components of beeswax, as it is intensely complex. Bees excrete wax between scale layers on their abdomen. Colored photo of wax being excreted from abdomen […]

Honeybee Photography Contest via Facebook

Here are the beautiful entries for our honeybee photography contest. WOW! There are so many beautiful entries! The photo credit is below each photo. By Jennifer McNamara By Hannah Stoehr By Cris Voss By Jennifer Andrews Begay By Derek Haynie By RaKell Montgomery Sutch By Margot J. Hakanson By Julie Peterson Riley By Angela Kennedy […]

7 Years Ago. . .

7 Years Ago today, Stan asked me to marry him! And I’m so glad he did. We were engaged about 8 weeks before we married. Aaand I was going through some photos on the computer today and came across these. He proposed with bees on the driveway. He spelled the words with honey and beeswax and […]

Crazy Vegetables

                  Here are some crazy garden vegetables we’ve harvested over the years. We love it when we come across them! It makes us laugh. Enjoy!             Crazy Tomatoes Bunny Pancakes   Egg with calcium deposits What is that lurking in the refrigerator? This […]

Observations and Bee Experiment

Summer of 2014, with experimentation and research online, we’ve changed our thinking about foundation a little. We want to use the middle bar frame to promote foundationless frames instead of plastic or wax foundation. We think it’s more sustainable, less expensive, and will decrease some disease transmission. Stan has been raising queen bees this fall. […]

Honeybee Pests: Dragonfly

Yesterday, Stan put out his hives for new queens to be mated. The first worker bee came out of the hive for an orientation flight. All of a sudden, a dragonfly swept out of the air and ate her, and Stan snapped a picture. We think it’s rare to have a photo of a dragonfly eating […]