Bee Jacket (Free Shipping)


This bee jacket is made in the USA. Ships directly from manufacturer for $0.01. Fit is men’s standard sizing.


  • Veil has mesh all the way around for better sight lines.
  • Beekeepers can unzip and push back the hat for driving or a drink of water.
  • Pull-on style with fewer zippers, less fuss and fewer holes for bees to sneak in.
  • 2 lap pockets
  • Elastic sleeve opening
  • Long tail with elastic waist
  • Easily slips on and off
  • Heavy-duty materials

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We love to bring you affordably-priced, domestically-produced products like this one! Bee suits can cost in the $200 range, and there is savings in this high-quality jacket. The producer saves money by offering fewer (extraneous) zippers. We wear this jacket with jeans and boots to give significant protection when working with hives.

Here’s what designer Jerry Freeman has to say about this bee jacket:

As I get older, my fingers have more trouble working with small things like zippers. And a few bees always seem to get through the hole where all the zippers join. Last summer I got so aggravated with all the zippers on standard bee jackets, I decided to have a local seamstress make a pull-over jacket. All my buddies wanted one, so I had the local garment factory make a few samples. They had to make a lot of samples before we got one that’s just right! Designing the hat and veil was a real challenge. We use plastic tubing for the rings on the hat so they never rust.
  1. The veil netting goes all the way around your head for full ventilation.
  2. There is a half zipper so the hat and veil can be pushed back off your head to get a drink of water or drive to the next bee yard. (Or because I forgot to put on my glasses.)
  3. Breast pockets are always useful.
  4. There is a large and a small pocket on the front.
  5. Elastic sleeves keep the bees out.
  6. The jacket has a long tail with an elastic waist for better protection.
  7. For tall, slender people, there is a pull cord on the waist, if needed.
The jackets are loose fitting so they easily slip on and off. You are instantly bee proof! No zipper holes!
These are heavy duty jackets made in the USA. Comes complete – hat, veil and jacket in one unit. Available in Medium, Large and X-Large.
Being old and retired, I decided it was too late to get rich and I wanted the jackets to be affordable. The jackets retail for $47.95 – noticeably less than the zippered jackets.


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