Commercial Hive Nucleus


Nuc: A 5-frame starter colony with a queen. Compatible with *deep* hives only.

Comes on black plastic frames from a local commercial beekeeper, with new queens from our feral bee project. Queens are a cross between Utah feral queens and California Italian and Carniolan drones.

Nuc pickup tentatively April 27 or May 4 in the evening. 6:00 pm transfer nucs, 9:00 pm (dusk) drive home with your bees. Location TBA in Utah County.



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Nuc (pronounced “Nuke”) is short for hive nucleus. A nuc is a 5-frame starter colony of honeybees with a queen. The 5 deep frames contain worker bees, drawn comb, a laying queen, eggs, larvae, and sealed and emerging brood. Nucs do not include the beehive boxes.

Packages can be installed into any type of hive, while nucs are limited to deep boxes only.

New this year!

We are offering nucs sourced from another Utah beekeeper.

These nucs are made by taking frames from existing colonies, and adding a new queen.

Nucs come on 5 Pierco black plastic frames with comb that may be several years old. Nucs come with a health certificate. They are guaranteed to be disease-free with a laying queen for 45 days. Please report any queen issues within 10 days.

Our partnering beekeeper uses commercial treatments to control diseases and mites.

Hives are currently pollinating almonds and will be available tentatively April 27 and May 4 at 6:00 pm.

Trying to decide between a commercial nuc and a treatment-free nuc? Check out THIS POST for more details.


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