Deep Hive Kit, Itemized


For one hive, you will need Bees, 1 Bottom Board, 3 Deep Boxes, 30 Frames, and 1 Lid.

Equipment is made to order. Equipment pickup available early in Spring City, Utah or at bee pickup.

Package pickup tentatively April 14, 2018 from 9-noon at 916 W 1150 S, Provo.

Commercial Nuc pickup. Choose from April 27 or May 4, 2018 in the evening. 6:00 pm transfer nucs, 9:00 pm (dusk) drive home with your bees. Location TBA.

Treatment-Free Nuc pickup May 18, 2018 in the evening. 6:00 pm transfer nucs, 9:00 pm (dusk) drive home with your bees. Location TBA.

Don’t want to decide on all the options? Click HERE for the “Just Tell Me What to Get Kit.” 



Buying your first hive? Click here for details.

A Hive Nucleus, or Nuc (pronounced “Nuke”), comes in May and includes 5 deep frames with workers, drawn comb, new and emerging brood, and some honey. They will be fed for a 4-6 weeks, and inspected for a strong laying queen before pickup. **We recommend nucs for first time beekeepers. HERE is a post to help you decide between commercial and treatment-free nucs.

Bee “Packages” are small, portable cages that hold 2 or 3 pounds of worker bees with a queen, just enough to start a new colony. These come in April. HERE is a post to help you decide between 2- and 3-pound packages.

Queens are crosses between Utah Feral Bees and California Carniolan and Italian drones.

Wooden equipment is built in Utah by Utah woodworkers from wood harvested and milled in Utah (or in the Western USA, if not available). It is made to order.

For one hive, you will need 1 Bottom board, 3 Deep boxes, 30 frames, and 1 lid. Deep Langstroth boxes hold 10 frames each. Equipment is assembled, but unpainted.

Our signature “middle bar frame” comes foundationless** or with plastic foundation. **We recommend foundationless.

The kit also includes one lid and one bottom board. The lid is migratory-style, which means it fits flush with the sides of the box, and it has a ventilation hole cut for winter. With the ventilation hole, you shouldn’t need an inner cover. The bottom board is solid and creates a lower entrance to the hive.

Out of 600-800 package that we bring in every year, there are always a few queens (about 4%) that go wrong. Most colonies release the queen successfully and thrive. We gladly replace queens within the first 10 days.


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