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Versatile, deep middle bar frames can be used foundationless, with plastic foundation, with burr comb, or with wax foundation.

We ship middle bar frames all over the USA! It will cost about $15 to ship 10 frames and $30 to ship 50 frames, assembled. Email to arrange shipping.

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Deep frames are 9 1/8″ and fit 10 to a standard deep box. Frames come new and assembled. Bottom and top bars are grooved. Top bars have chamfer.

Frames are produced in Utah by Utah woodworkers, using Utah wood, when available.

Choose between standard and middle bar frames.

Meet our versatile Middle Bar Frames! These frames can be used four ways:

1. With plastic foundation. Simply remove the middle bar dowels and insert the plastic foundation into the grooved top and bottom bars. Save the dowels in case you’d like to go foundationless later.

2. Foundationless.* The chamfer along the top bar will encourage bees to build wax comb in the center of each frame and the middle bars will support the weight of the deep comb. Foundation is an extra expense and it can be beneficial to bees to go foundationless.

3. Foundationless with burr comb. Bees will eventually build burr comb in the hive. You can use it to start them drawing comb on a new frame. Wedge the comb between the middle bars, hexagons pointing up, and bees will build from there.

4. With wax foundation. Place wax foundation in grooves in the top and bottom bars and sandwich it between the middle bar dowels. Dowels will support the full comb weight. We avoid recommending wax foundation, as sometimes purchased wax foundation can be contaminated with disease spores and pesticides.


  • Use in the hive just like a traditional frame, for raising brood storing honey
  • Can harvest 4×4 inch comb honey from foundationless frames
  • Can spin frames in honey extractor

For beekeepers just starting out with foundationless frames, we recommend using every other frame with foundation to keep comb within the frames. In our hives, we use all foundationless (no alternating), but need to check the comb every couple days as they start out, to correct any off-frame comb building. 

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Deep Middle Bar Frame, Foundationless, $2.00, Deep Middle Bar Frame with plastic foundation, $3.00

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  1. Rated 3 out of 5


    I didn’t do anything spcieal to get the strips to stay. I attached them with the wooden wedges and nailed them in place. If I do more, I’ll try and make a video or take a detail photo for you. As for getting bees to come up into new boxes, I have definitely heard of people having trouble with that. The new bees just don’t recognize the smell. I had no problem with my second box though so I have hoping for the same thing with this one. There is a technique called pyramiding which I believe you are referring to where you move some frames from the lower box into the new box above. I may do an article on pyramiding as there was a local woman asking about that just last week. I’ll definitely keep you posted. I’m hoping to see some beautiful natural comb drawn in a week or two.

    • thehoneycompany (verified owner)

      Thanks, Karina. We had a tough time with starter strips as well, then stopped using them. The bees did great without, though we needed to correct rogue comb-building as they were starting out to make sure it stayed within the frame. We’d love to see photos of what you are doing. Email them to info at


  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Great, sturdy, no-nonsense frames. I want to try the middle bar frame too!

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