Our honey is all-natural, raw, and unfiltered. We don’t heat, add water, homogenize flavors, or use pressurized filters to process our honey. We use sustainable practices to produce our delicious honey. Learn more and purchase HERE. 

With a reverence for the bees, we implement practical and natural beekeeping techniques. Instead of using chemicals and medications, we strive to improve genetics to prevent colony collapse.
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Beekeeping Equipment
We support local first! Our bee boxes are locally made in Utah by local woodworkers and local trees when available. Discover our unique Barn hive design and middle bar frames.
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Hive Nucleus Pickup

This pickup is for beekeepers who pre-ordered a nucleus colony in February for a May pickup.
May 17, 2019, 6:30 and Dusk at about 1788 North 2800 West in Provo.
The bee yard is in a pasture that doesn't have a physical address. It's at about 1788 North 2800 West, Provo. Please study the map before you come as navigation apps often fail to get to the right spot.
At 6:30 pm you will transfer your new frames of bees from our nuc boxes into your box.
Then at dusk, you can load them in your truck and take them home.


We understand that buying your first hive can come with many questions. We are here to help you! Click here to learn more about buying your first hive…


The Barn Hive

An attractive and versatile beekeeping box, hive lid, and feeder combination. Click HERE to learn more.

Restaurant Honeycomb Display

Use this hand-crafted honeycomb display for your cheese board. Click HERE to learn more.

Display Case

Show off a frame of bees for a classroom, farmer's market, or restaurant. Click HERE to learn more!