2019 Bee Sales Update

Hello! It’s great to see you back on our website. 

This year, we are making some major changes to our business. We will not be selling packages, but will offer a limited number of hive nucleus colonies from our own bees. 

This past summer, a wildfire devastated town of Paradise, California, where our package bee supplier farms. He was fortunate and didn’t lose all of his bees and will have enough to start again. However, the number of packages he will be able to sell in 2019 is greatly reduced. Because of this, and other factors, we will not be selling package bees this year.

However, we are excited to offer a limited quantity of hive nucleus colonies from our own bees (BUY HERE). This is exciting because these bees are from our feral bee project. We have been working for decades to improve the survivability of our bees. This is the first year we will be selling bees split from our own hives. (Before we raised packages onto nucs and sold them with a feral queen.)

No bees are foolproof, but the biggest difference we have noticed since adding feral genetics is a stronger brood pattern in each hive. We still sometimes lose hives. We still watch carefully for mites, and use sustainable treatments when necessary, but we see things getting better slowly.

If you prefer package bees, we recommend that you look into Hollow Tree Honey and follow ads on KSL Classifieds for other suppliers.

Is all this terminology new to you? Check out THIS PAGE about buying your first hive.