Attract Honeybees with this Expert Garden Plan

We are very excited to share this bee-friendly garden design that Margot from Quiet Poppy Designs created for us! You can find her on Instagram @quietpoppydesigns. She is a talented landscape designer out of Provo, Utah and recently stayed in our guest cabin with her boys. We had a fabulous weekend, sharing bees, horses, farm chores, canoeing, fishing, and more. She had some amazing ideas for the landscaping around our home, which we hope to incorporate over time.

This design is for an island of bee-friendly plants that will bloom throughout the season and provided some delicious nectar for honeybees and the other 6,000 species of native pollinators that live nearby. I love to grow many of these as herbs already, and look forward to trying some new plants too. I love how she included some options for each design element so gardeners can choose plants based on hardiness zone and plant availability in this design. I’ve seen her work in person. She has perfected the art of layering plants to create interesting colors, textures, and interest throughout her designs.

Here is the image with the plant list. It is for a planting bed that is about 25 feet by 12 feet.

This one is a 3-D mockup.

Plant list:

  1. A-Pussy Willow/Crabapple/Hawthorn
  2. B-Butterfly Bush/Russian Sage
  3. C-Current/Raspberry/Blackberry
  4. D-Bluebeard/Honeysuckle Bush
  5. E-Echinacea/Yarrow
  6. F-Lavender/Salvia
  7. G-Hardy Geranium/Aster
  8. H-Rudbeckia/Helianthus
  9. K-Milkweed/Golden Rod
  10. M-Beebalm/Stonecrop
  11. P-Bachelor Buttons/Borage
  12. Q-Columbine/Strawberry
  13. R-Chives/Catmint
  14. S-Forget-Me-Not/Serbian Bellflower
  15. T-Thyme/Sedum


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