Bean Museum Kids

Today we had the opportunity to host the BYU Bean Museum kids field trip. Including our family, there were 15 kids and 5 adults. Here are a few things we did together!

First, we suited up. We have a classroom set of adult-sized bee suits. They were a bit big on the kids, but protective. And HOT!


Then we visited the apiary. Kids saw bees coming in and out of the hive and learned about the smoker to calm bees.


They took turns brushing bees off of this frame.


Slowly the kids came back inside to escape the heat.



This is one frame we brought in to extract.


Kids got to touch the comb . . .


and each had a turn uncapping with the capping scratcher.


Then we extracted a couple frames of honey with our Bee Champions extractor.



Kids each got a taste of fresh honey with some tasting sticks. (No double dipping, please!)

After that, kids searched for bees on the clover in the lawn to catch in the beelining box.


We found better success catching a bee at the water source. Then we talked about how, historically, people chase bees back to their colony to find honey (bee lining).


We found a spot of shade for a group picture and a review of what kids learned. We shared bee facts and kids had an opportunity to ask questions.


We had tons of fun and are looking forward to next year’s group!



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