Bee Art Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Rich Herout of Antioch, Illinois, winner of this year’s bee art contest. Thanks to all who entered and we hope to see more in the future!
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  1. Hi Angela,I appreciate your writnig and sharing your thoughts. It is important to hear all sides of the story. BTW, I too had heard talk of not enough forage in London and in New York with all the new beekeepers. I also didn’t like the thought of Noah’s formulations. I would rather the bees have their choice of pollen and nectar. I will feed if I absolutely have to, but I don’t like to, and don’t do it often.Actually, I was one of those people who didn’t have a mentor in the beginning. I agree that the beekeeping learning curve is very, very steep, and I’m glad I’m over the hump. We made a lot of mistakes that first year, but luckily we did not lose our first, and wonderful, hive (we got into beekeeping before it became the rage). Anyway, we did take a year’s worth of classes with our teacher, Serge Labesque, who steered us away for using chemicals. Funnily enough, our second hive was a swarm we had collected two blocks from our house! Anyway, because I didn’t have a mentor, that is why I emphasize that a new beekeeper get a mentor. I am happy, though, about all the awareness about bees. I know folks just want to help the bees. At least, that’s the predominant feeling here in my area. Perhaps the message of responsible bee stewardship (because it’s hard) should go out instead, or maybe Plant Bee Forage’ is better.Thanks again for your thought provoking email. I appreciate it!MilPS This is the second mention I’ve heard of star-studded beekeepers in the UK. Who are these people? We don’t seem to have them here.

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