Beekeeping Reviews

one new queen, one satisfied customer

I did not buy my bees from the Honey Company, but their name was given to me when I lost my package queen when I was installing my new bees into their hive. I sent them an email about getting a replacement queen. They responded promptly. I drove to their location and met Stan. He […]

Daren Deadmond

Folks you can trust.

I have known Stan and Alicia for 3 years now while trying to learn the art of beekeeping. They are perfect contacts to get you started and keep you going. Very knowledgeable and patient with everyone. Their wooden equipment is first class and durable, made by their own hands. They teach classes, have online videos, […]

Brent DeMille

more confident as beekeepers . . .

Stan and Alicia,
Thank you for letting us learn from you. We have learned so much and are getting more confident as beekeepers. There is a huge difference between a book education and watching Stan work:)
We really appreciate your friendship.
Andrea and kids, Spanish Fork, Utah

83 pounds of honey . . .

“Thanks for the awesome nuc I got from you this year. I put it in the hive that my bees didn’t make it from last year. I ended up harvesting 83 pounds of honey last Wednesday from this hive.” Rusty.

a reputable source…

As first-time bee keepers, after quite a lot of research, we learned of The Honey Company when we were searching online for a reputable source to buy bees. After speaking directly with the owners, we felt good about ordering our nucs from them. We could not have been more pleased. We also bought our hives […]

a lost queen…

The honey Company is the best company i have ever bought my bees from. much better to work with than others i have dealt with.  my second time buying bees i had  bought a couple of queens and two 3 lbs packages ( and later on a nuc) and was pretty new to transferring the […]

purchasing nucs…

Thanks for the extraordinary help you have given me as I have purchased nucs the past couple of years.  Not only were they strong but they have proven to be great producing colonies.  What else is there: great service at a fair price, superior products and a fun, rewarding hobby!  Thanks very much. Rusty

best beekeeping resource…

The Honey Company is the best beekeeping resource in the Provo area! They have made themselves available at the best and worst of times to answer our questions and get us the supplies we need. You won’t find a better source for your beekeeping needs! Angie Spanish Fork, Utah