Christmas Family Night

We had a successful Family Home Evening with our littles and wanted to share. It’s remarkable, sometimes, when the event feels successful, but we keep trying and share the ones that work!

This Family Night was inspired by this article “Finding Jesus at Christmas” in the Friend Magazine.

For the lesson/activity, we chose a small, non-breakable baby Jesus from a Nativity. We used a molded beeswax figure as we can easily replace it if it breaks. Over time, the wax develops a white patina in the grooves. It gives kind of a cool effect!


Then we sent one person out of the room, hid the baby, and had the person come back in. We used Hot and Cold to help the person find it. After everyone had a turn, we talked about how we need to look for Jesus in our lives.


Here He is hiding in the tree.

It worked well for our family because the littles were delighted to have a turn finding Jesus. They think it’s especially fun to hide stuff from Mom and Dad. It was short, simple, sweet, and easy to prepare! Our treat was sugar cookies that the neighbors brought over. Yum!


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