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Today I started to make cornbread muffins. However, when I looked into the cupboard, there was no cornmeal. Thus time to grind more. I thought I would share some tips on successfully making corn flour.

We have a K-Tec Kitchen Mill. I’m pretty sure it belonged to Stan’s grandmother. We live in her (former) home and inherited some of her best kitchen gadgets. The mill has been great, though we are very careful with the side clips.

IMG_0076_2 IMG_0077_2

All grinders are a bit different, but to set this one up, we attach the cups on the bottom of the motor, place the motor onto the bottom container, and put the filter in place.

IMG_0081 IMG_0084 IMG_0085

The grinder makes a bunch of flour dust. Picture flour on the floor, counters, walls, fruit, anything out, etc. I like to put a towel around it to catch the bulk of it while it is running. Hopefully it is not a fire hazard or something.


Opinion: The best corn meal comes from popcorn. We love this popcorn from Honeyville Grain, both for corn meal and because it makes the BEST popcorn.

IMG_0088_2 IMG_0102_2

To save the motor, turn the grinder on before adding the grain. I like to set the coarseness adjuster knob it to the second most coarse setting for corn meal. (And the second finest for grinding wheat to make baking flour.)

IMG_0090_2 IMG_0091_2

After several scoopfuls of popcorn have gone through the motor, turn it off and wait for the motor to stop. Remove the lid to find some beautiful meal. Empty the bucket into a storage container and repeat until you make the desired amount of meal. I like to make several months’ worth at a time to save cleanup.


For cleanup, this paint brush works great! The brush is great for cleaning up the spare dust.


Stan slimmed down the handle of the brush so it will fit and get out the stuck flour, which tends to lodge in the filter cavity.


Store cornmeal in an airtight container, or in the freezer if you have space. I typically use a gallon freezer bag, and then store several flour bags in a plastic bucket to avoid food storage moth encounters.


We also like to store tools in the tub of the wheat grinder to use next time.


Stay tuned for a yummy recipe for corn muffins (and whole wheat flour). . .

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