Family Night: Bows and Arrows

We had a fun, successful Family Night last night and I thought I’d share the lesson and activity here. Our 6-year old daughter chose the lesson this week from the Friend Magazine, called “Aim for the Best!”(Click photo to go to article on


Clara read the quotes, then hung the target on the wall, then we shot at it with bows and arrows, made from q-tips and popsicle sticks, trying to “Aim for the Best!”



This tutorial is based on THIS tutorial.

Earlier in the day, we made these little bows and arrows. The popsicle sticks need to soak and dry for a few hours, to give an idea on time.



  • Popsicle sticks
  • Craft knife
  • Q-tips
  • Small elastics (not pictured, we used hair elastics for little girls)
  • A large cup or small bowl to bend the wood
  • Clothespins

First, notch the popsicle sticks with the craft knife. You will want four total, two on each end. The notches will keep the elastic bowstring in place. Notch a couple extra. We started with 8 and ended up breaking two.




Then soak the popsicle sticks in water for at least an hour. Some tutorials recommend boiling them, but we were able to bend them after soaking. Also, the color mostly came off of the sticks. I’m not sure what to say about the $1 store potentially noxious dye. Probably don’t drink it.

After soaking, carefully bend the popsicle stick into bow shape with your fingers. We used this large cup to bend them into place, and used clothespins to keep them in place until dry.


Once the popsicle sticks are dried and bent, place the elastic in the notches, crossing in the middle. The “X” is where archers will nock their arrows.


To make the “Arrows,” cut the tip off of one end of the Q-tip.


Then cut a slit in the cut end. This is where the arrow will attach to the “X.”

IMG_0792 IMG_0795

Repeat for all bows.


To aim, we found it best to use it like a crossbow, especially for toddler hands.


Then go ahead and “Aim for the Best!”



Don’t forget to unstring your bows when you are done (unlike Nephi’s brothers in the Book of Mormon).

Happy Family Night!


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