Feral Queen Customer Response

Here is what one customer said about the feral queen and her hive this year.

“I wanted to share some photos from my hive inspection on June 13. Those foundationless frames are awesome! I had so many people telling me that using deep foundationless frames wouldn’t work–that the bees wouldn’t draw them out well — and the girls are completely filling the frames! It’s a beautiful sight! And the feral/cross queen I have is amazing. Her brood pattern is gorgeous, and the bees have a great personality.

“I’m currently in the process of raising me queens from her — I moved a frame of brood with eggs to a nuc with some nurse bees, and now have 2 emergency queen cells in that nuc that should hatch in about a week. Over the weekend, I moved the queen to a different nuc for 3 days to let her lay eggs. I checked her today and had a full frame of eggs, so I moved her back to the hive, and left the nurse bees to tend the eggs. I’ll check them in a week or so to see if they’ll make me a new queen. I want to continue these genetics if possible.

“I’ll be placing an order soon for more foundationless frames. I want to replace all my frames with yours since they work so well. Just fyi, what I did was coat some popsicle sticks with beeswax to make a starter strip, and I also coated the middle bars with wax to help them get started. That technique took a little time to do, but the results are well woth it. Please feel free to share my photos on your blog or website.”

We are so happy when customers have a good experience with hives they receive from us! Thanks for sharing!

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