General Conference with Kids

My desire as a mother is to make LDS General Conference something that my kids look forward to, both because they love the Lord and his prophets, and because it is a fun time for our family.

When I was single, or even newly married, General Conference was about receiving strength, revelation, a renewal of hope, and was a time to be filled with the Holy Ghost. Now, as a mother, it still is these things, but it is not about me anymore. It is about helping my children feel the power of living prophets and know Jesus Christ.


Watching General Conference with kids requires significant effort. Conference is eight hours of listening to talks, which is beyond the attention span of our littles. It requires prayer, preparation, and patience.

Prayer is so, so, so important in preparing for General Conference. I personally pray for inspiration to make an awesome weekend for our kids and for specific answers to our concerns. Spending time in prayer gives the Lord the opportunity to answer through his inspired servants. I always find answers to my prayers in Conference, sometimes even answers I didn’t know I was seeking.

For the kids, I like to prepare quiet activities, special foods, and conference printables. This time around I felt like simple was better. We had puzzles, clay, printable worksheets, popcorn, smoothies, planting soil and seeds, and special breakfasts. We also made these Oreo turkeys.

Oreos are a special food that we only eat Conference weekend. My kids knew we were going to make them and looked forward to it for 2 weeks.


It requires significant patience to watch Conference with kids. This is something I am working on. I am getting better at it every day. (Self-affirmation.) It means missing some of a really awesome talk to take someone to the bathroom or break up an argument about the cat. It is an opportunity to put my own desires on hold to serve my children. Serving my children is my most important role.

I loved to hear the three new apostles speak. The Spirit testified to me that they are called of God. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior.

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