Gift Ideas for the Beekeeper in your life

Looking for a great gift for the beekeeper in your life? Here are a few great suggestions that could fit most budgets, with approximate prices.

1. A new hive tool ($7). These things come in handy and you can’t have too many. See our amazon affiliate store for one example.


2. A subscription to a beekeeping magazine ($25-30). The American Bee Journal and Bee Culture are two we enjoy.

ABJ_cover-October2014_WEB WebOctoberCover

3. A super with or without frames ($16 for the box, $2-3 each for frames). It’s nice to have an extra!


4. A pullover bee jacket like this Freeman Bee Jacket. These jackets are made in the USA and are heavy duty without the heavy duty price at $44.95! Bee suits normally run from $79-$200, so this is a good deal.


5. Honey extracting equipment ($5-$400). Purchase from our amazon affiliate store, or use it as a shopping list. See Lesson 9 and Lesson 10 for our DIY extracting and bottling supplies.

a storeIMG_0053

6. A deep hive kit ($210-$300). This includes everything the recipient will need to set up a hive. Bees will come in April or May, depending on bee option.

IMG_3857 IMG_2727

7. The Barn Hive ($125 shipped) would make a beautiful gift and looks pretty on the hive too! Comes with


8. A honeybee flower seed mix ($5-10).



What about you? What beekeeping item would you love to receive as a gift?


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