Hands-On Beekeeping Course Photos

Here are some photos of the hands-on beekeeping class on March 14. Derek Haynie, the expert photographer, took these pictures. Thanks, Derek! We’re looking forward to the next class installment on March 21.
Here is the class gathered around a few of Stan’s hives. The goal for today was to see workers, drones, the queen, eggs, larvae, and pupae. Also drawn comb, honey, and pollen.
       A frame of worker bees on some capped over larvae. Oh, and lovely Maple Mountain in the background.

On this frame, we can see the black foundation in the lower right corner, some partially drawn hexagon-shaped comb nearby, and some fully drawn comb up near the bees. Everyone looks sharp in their new beekeeping veils!


Do you love the worker bee on the side, flying in for a landing.


They only saw 2 drone bees in the whole colony, but some drone comb will soon hatch.


Finally, here is a photo of our indoor class.



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