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one new queen, one satisfied customer

I did not buy my bees from the Honey Company, but their name was given to me when I lost my package queen when I was installing my new bees into their hive. I sent them an email about getting a replacement queen. They responded promptly. I drove to their location and met Stan. He […]

Daren Deadmond

Folks you can trust.

I have known Stan and Alicia for 3 years now while trying to learn the art of beekeeping. They are perfect contacts to get you started and keep you going. Very knowledgeable and patient with everyone. Their wooden equipment is first class and durable, made by their own hands. They teach classes, have online videos, […]

Brent DeMille

Rate the Plate Go Honey Review

The Honey Company provided a pouch of their Go Honey product for us to review.  Go Honey is creatively-packaged source in a 3.5 oz foil pouch that is lightweight, flexible, and securely resealable! The pouches are sold as an alternative athlete energy source with instructions to consume 1/3 pouch with one cup of water. However […]

Laurel on Health Food

Here’s another healthy product giveaway contest! The Honey Company sells all natural, unfiltered, raw honey and they sent me a few packets to giveaway to a lucky reader. In comparison to heated and processed honey, raw honey is filled with the most enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals so you get the most nutritional benefit. […]

Super Healthy Kids

Well, yesterday was the big race.  26.2 miles and many hours later, I crossed the finish line in 82nd place (7th in Female’s 35-39yrs!!). . . I did take some honey on the run. I hate the taste of the GU distance athletes use. Hate it! Then this local company from Provo sent me some […]

Fit and Frugal Kitchen Go Honey Review

It’s that time of year again. Another spring, another saga. Same old saga, actually. The one that entails  a lot of back-and-forth wrangling between mind and body over sports nutrition. How much processed product am I willing to consume for training this year? I used to give a broad range a free pass, putting up […]

Wendy McMillan

Rachel’s Cottage House Go Honey Review

The Honey Company generously sent me a sample of their Go Honey honey pouches.  I was thrilled when I opened up the package because I love honey. The Honey Company’s honey struck a particular chord with me because their honey is raw and unfiltered, meaning that the honey goes through no processing beside the basic […]

Hiking with Honey Bears

Hey…I’ve been using the “bears” you sent and have discovered and interesting “hiking” use for them.  When I’m “out” in the field for an extended period of time – not a day trip – it’s becoming apparent to me that the Go Honey pouches might not be best.  One of those “bears” represents at least […]

Go Honey on the Appalachian Trail

Mike Rossi of New York At the end-of-day tomorrow I’ll be starting a 2-week hiking trip on the Appalachian Trail.  I’m carrying plenty of the Go Honey product and will eventually send you a picture or two.  I’ll be carrying 2-weeks worth of food – NO food resupply on the trail – so honey will […]

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