How to get rid of the waist gap in the back of pants

Have you ever tried on pants that are a “10” in every way, except they have a large gap in the back of the waistband? If so, here’s one technique to “Close the Gap!”

You will need:

Some 1″ elastic. You will need enough elastic to go around the back of your waist. I cut 18 inches, but ended up using about 12 inches after trimming.

2 Safety pins. These are just over 1″ long. I like this size to thread through casings.

A seam ripper

A pair of pants that needs remodeling

IMG_1479 IMG_1480

These particular pants are quite easy to work with because they have a perfect casing for the elastic. There are no seams from the belt loops that will interfere with threading the elastic. They are from Old Navy’s Pixie Collection.


First, unpick the back side seam in the waistband. Be careful not to cut the fabric. Only unpick the threads of the seam.

IMG_1484 IMG_1485

Do this to both back side seams.


Next, attach a safety pin to one side of the elastic. You can also use a bodkin, if you have one.


Thread the safety pin through the waist band until it comes around to the other side.

IMG_1489 IMG_1491

Bunch the fabric around the safety pin and then push it through. Repeat until the end.


One common problem in threading elastics through casings is that you may lose the back end of the elastic and need to rethread it. Hang onto it or pin it to the pants to prevent it going through.

IMG_1494 IMG_1495



Pin the elastic in place on both sides of the waistband so you can try the pants on without losing the elastic.


Next, try on the pants and pull one end of the elastic tight until the gap between the fabric and your lower back is gone.


Tuck The ends into the casing and pin in place. You could stop here and just leave safety pins in place to wear the pants, stitch the fabric and elastic in place. I like to leave one safety pin so I can adjust the waistband with weight fluctuations.


With the pants on the shelf, the waist looks pretty bunched up.


But on, they look much better, especially with the shirt tail covering the top part.


IMG_1501 IMG_1504


I love how comfortable (and cute) these pants are after a minor remodeling! I love the fit and the way they stretch with me!


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