Nuc Pickup and Beekeeping Class

Our beekeeping class at The Star Mill in American Fork was a huge success! Thanks to all who participated and good luck with your bees!
In May, Stan taught three great beginning beekeeping classes to help new hobbyist beekeepers get started. Here are some photos of one event.
The bee truck, loaded up with beekeeping equipment
Stan talked for about an hour about equipment, bee biology, moving bees, placing hives, etc.
Then we suited up and started up the smokers for the “In the Hive” part of the class.

Stan showed how to transfer a beehive nucleus (“nuc” for short) from the nuc box to a standard hive box.
Here is the “grimy” diagnostic hive. (The bad example of what you can find in a hive)
He also showed what robbing will look like in a hive.
And we had a honey extracting demonstration also.
Overall, it was a success. We had a good time and were overwhelmed with information! See you next year!
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