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Online Beekeeping Course Outlines

Overview of online courses

Meet The Authors

All About Bees For Kids

From My First Colony

Why Should I Keep Honey Bees?

Development Times of Honey Bees

Top 15 Mistakes New Beekeepers Make

Beekeeping Terms Glossary

Checklist for Starting Your First Hive

Types of Hives

Langstroth Hive Components

Getting Stung & Protective Clothing

What’s In A Hive?

Development Stages Of Honey Bees

The Essential Guide to Buying Your First Hive

Honey Bee Castes

How Do Queen bees Mate? Queen Life Cycle

Preparing The Apiary

Roles of Worker Bees

Moving Colonies

Things Bees Collect And Add To The Hive

Nectar Sources

Bloom Periods of Important Minnesota Nectar Plants

Flowering Calendar For Cultivated Bee Plants in Logan, UT

Screenshot bloom calendar for Logan, Utah

Bloom Periods Of Important Utah Nectar Plants

Honey Bee Garden Plan


Building Wax Comb & Types of Brood Comb

Packages Versus Nucleus Colonies

How to Hive A Package

Nuc Transfer Instructions

Nuc pickup instructions PNG

Managing Drift

Managing Package Bees & Nucleus Colonies

The History Of “The Bee Space”

From Beginning Beekeeping Skills

Four Essential Questions For Hive Inspections

Do My Bees Have Enough Room?

Beginning Beekeeping Skills

Summer Hive Inspections

Summer Honey Bee Hive Inspections Checklist

Everything You Need To Know About Honey Bee Smokers

Everything You Need To Know About Using A Hive Tool

Feeding Bees

Divide to Maintain Model Chart: Keep Colonies Thriving

How Colonies Increase & Decrease Over A Year

Provide room for expansion

How to Go From 20 Packages To 80 Colonies By July, Method 1

How to go from 20 packages to 80 nucs by July method 1

How to Go From 20 Packages To 80 Colonies By July, Method 2

How to Go From 20 Packages to 80 Nucs by July Method 2

Preparing For Winter

Timing For Winter Preparation

Robbing Behavior

Checking On Bees In The Winter Without Opening The Hive

Cleaning Up Dead Hives

First Spring Inspection Of Overwintered Colonies

Dividing Overwintered Colonies

How To Divide A Strong Colony

From How Is My Queen?

How Is My Queen? Questions to Ask During Inspections

How Is My Queen PDF

Finding The Queen

Identifying Honey Bee Eggs

Queen Troubleshooting Flow Chart

When you have trouble with your queen, use this chart to help diagnose what is happening in your hive.

Print ALL FOUR pages and lay them out side by side. Start in the center with the question “Do you see eggs?” Answer the questions and follow the arrows.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Queen Marking Colors by Year

Queen Marking Color PDF

Marking The Queen Bee

Queen Rearing Impulses

Get Ready To Hive A Swarm

Methods To Hive A Swarm

Methods To Hive A Swarm PDF


Normal Times The Colony Has a Queen, But No Eggs

Laying Workers

Drone Laying Queens

Introducing A New Queen

How To Make A Push-In Cage

Rare Problems With The Queen

Combining Colonies

From Are My Bees Healthy?

Are My Bees Healthy?

Are my bees healthy checklist

Queen Bee Illustration

Queen Bee Illustration, 3 Segments Labeled

Our Experience With Treatment-Free Beekeeping

Preventing Disease By Culling Old Comb

Are my bees healthy checklist


What Are Varroa Mites?

Varroa Mite Treatment Strategies

What Is The Mite Load In My Colony?

Alcohol Wash

Powdered Sugar Roll

Varroa Mite Tracker

Varroa Mite Treatments

Oxalic Acid Recipe

Bottom Board Debris


Smells In The Hive

Pesticide Kill



Plum Frost

Honey Bee Pests

From Honey And Beeswax

What Is Honey?

List of Tools For Working With Honey

Tools For Harvesting, Uncapping, Extracting, and Bottling Honey

Harvesting Honey

Uncapping, Extracting, and Bottling Honey

How To Make A Fabulous Farmer’s Market Booth

Tips For Cooking With Honey

Cut Comb Honey

Tools List for Working With Beeswax

Refining Or Rendering Beeswax

How To Make Beeswax Candles From Molds

Tin Tapered Candle Molds

Beeswax Lip Balm Recipe

Dandelion Salve Recipe

Beeswax Furniture Polish

Beeswax Food Wraps

Honey Caramel Corn

From Queen Rearing

The Feral Bee Project

Finding Mating Locations With Feral Bees

Queen Rearing Quick Guide

Queen Rearing Calendar