Queens from MPCAP Program

Our queen and package supplier is part of the Managed Pollinator CAP program, which tests for hygienic bee behavior. We are excited to be part of the bee decline solution by supporting these producers.
They test breeder queens for the recessive genetic trait, hygienic bee behavior. Hygienic behavior is when workers bees sense a missing pheromone in diseased larvae and remove it before it emerges as a honeybee. The bee breeders use hygienic queens as breeding stock and then sell their daughters as package queens. Not all the daughters will be hygienic, but the percentage of them which are increases over time. (See previous post about testing for hygienic behavior in your own bees.)
They also test for bee pests and diseases, working toward resistant stock.
Criteria for selection:
  1. Hygienic
  2. Disease-resistant
  3. Good honey producer
  4. Gentle disposition
We hope our customers enjoy knowing that they are getting a good queen, carefully selected for the best traits.
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