Course 6. Advanced Queen Rearing

$100. Learn to Raise Your Own Queen Bees. Raising your own queen bees leads to a brand new set of questions. Let us help you answer things like. . . When is the best time to raise queen bees? What is the Feral Bee Project? How do I choose the best breeder queen? How do…



Learn to Raise Your Own Queen Bees

After keeping honey bees for a few years, you might be ready to take the next step in beekeeping, raising your own queen bees.

This leads to a brand new set of questions like. . .

  • When is the best time to raise queen bees?
  • What is the Feral Bee Project?
  • How do I choose the best breeder queen?
  • How do I set up a cell starter?
  • How do I add a ripe queen cell to a colony?
  • How do I make mating nucs?

In our PREMIUM course, Queen Rearing, you will learn how to rear your own queens using the Doolittle/grafting method.

Why Take This Course?

You will learn more about honey bees by raising your own queens than by any other way. This is an advanced beekeeping course, and putting it into practice requires multiple colonies and some specialized equipment.

This course includes over 20 video and text lessons. We will take you beekeeping and share step-by-step strategies to help you raise your own queen bees.

The feral bee project
Grafting method
Taking mating nucs with virgin queens to Southern Utah

Skills You Will Learn

  • How to choose a breeder queen
  • How to set up a cell starter colony
  • How to graft larvae
  • How to harvest ripe queen cells
  • How to make mating nucs and add ripe queen cells
  • How to move mating nucs to mating areas and check make sure the queen is mated
  • How to combine the nuc with other bees to make a production colony

Successfully Completing This Course Requires

  • Multiple colonies in multiple apiaries
  • Specialized equipment
  • We assume you are keeping bees in Langstroth hives, though the information may be adapted to other styles of hive.
  • Several years of beekeeping experience
  • European Honey Bees
  • The material in this class applies best to temperate regions with a winter season, but can be adapted to other climates.

Course Curriculum

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Included with All of Our Courses

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  • Printable Guides. Print and reprint as often as you need. These include over 200 pages of checklists, recipes, tutorials, queen troubleshooting, and more!


Join thousands of beekeepers from around the country who have created successful apiaries and discovered the joy of keeping honey bees.

Here is what our customers have to say!

More Confident as Beekeepers

“Stan and Alicia, Thank you for letting us learn from you. We have learned so much and are getting more confident as beekeepers. There is a huge difference between a book education and watching Stan work:) We really appreciate your friendship.”

Andrea and kids, Spanish Fork, Utah

Folks You Can Trust

“I have known Stan and Alicia for 3 years now while trying to learn the art of beekeeping. They are perfect contacts to get you started and keep you going. Very knowledgeable and patient with everyone. . . . They teach classes, have online videos, and will give ongoing support.”

Brent DeMille, Utah



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