5-Frame Hive Nucleus with Queen 2024

Nuc: A 5-frame starter colony with a queen. Price includes 5 deep frames. Compatible with *deep* Langstroth hives only. Queens come from The Feral Bee Project and are our own line of bees. Queens do not come marked. See below for information about nuc pickups.


2024 Nuc Pickup Dates

May 24 & May 31 in Highland, UT, 6-9 PM

June 7, 2023 in Spring City, UT, 6-9 PM

6:00 pm transfer nucs, 9:00 pm (dusk) drive home with your bees.

CHECK OUT THIS POST FOR INFORMATION ABOUT OUR NUC PICKUPS. You will need to bring a hive and transfer the bees into your equipment during the pickup.

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What is A Nucleus Colony?

Nuc (pronounced “Nuke”) is short for hive nucleus. A nuc is a 5-frame starter colony of honeybees with a queen. The 5 deep frames contain worker bees, drawn comb, a laying queen, eggs, larvae, and sealed and emerging brood. Nucs do not include the beehive boxes.

Packages can be installed into any type of hive, while nucs are limited to deep Langstroth boxes only.

To produce these nucs, we either split a colony and grow it onto 5 frames, or install a package into one of our nuc boxes and grow the bees onto 5 deep frames.

The advantage of a nucleus colony is that we help the bees get through the tricky spring weather fluctuations before we sell them to you. That way, there is a greater chance they will thrive/surviv

These come with a health certificate, upon request. They are guaranteed to be disease-free for 30 days. Please report any queen issues within 10 days.

Check out THIS POST for information about the nuc pickups. You will need to bring a hive and transfer the bees into your equipment during the pickup.

VIDEO Transferring A Nuc

5 reviews for 5-Frame Hive Nucleus with Queen 2024

  1. Siput

    I had a similar prelbom here in California. As soon as I put sugar syrup in the hive so they could overwinter the small black ants appeared in numbers. Some other google searches suggested vaseline lines, which does work, but you have to keep it fresh as the ants have a habit of sacrificing a few soldiers and walking over their bodies. Eventually I ordered boric acid online, mixed it with sugar water and placed it in a can with some black mosquito mesh over it to stop the bees from getting in. I placed these ant traps near the hives. The commercial traps that you buy didn’t seem to work at all. Anyway the home made traps really worked well, the ants were diverted to boric acid traps and left the hives alone, and then eventually they died off from feeding the boric acid to their young.

  2. Brent

    We had much success with our nuc! It produced 60 pounds of honey, plus what they needed for winter. The classes were helpful and I wish there was more!

  3. Patrice Smith (verified owner)

    I am a beginner beekeeper. I bought my first nuc in 2021 from The Honey Company. Stan was very helpful when I came to pick up my first nuc. He showed me how to get the smoker started. I had and asked a lot of questions and he was very kind and patient in answering them as we walked around, and he helped me choose a good nuc. (My bees were sweet & gentle. I have never been stung) Stan coached me how to look for the queen & where to place the frames in my hive. The many other beekeepers there, both experienced & novice, were very friendly & helpful and I learned a lot from them as well. A man even carried the heavy hive to my truck for me. I split my initial nuc the next June. They thrived. I tested for mites in September 2022. There was 1 per 100, approximately. But I was advised by a beekeeping friend that I should treat for mites anyway. So I did, with some sort of chemical strip you leave in the hive for a few weeks. This is when they started to not look so happy and healthy. I lost all 3 of my hives by January. (I had caught a swarm in spring 2022) I believe my beloved bees died due to the chemicals in the mite treatment. My beekeeping friend said that it even looked like they were mite resistant somehow. Because the swarm that I had caught (and kept far from my Honey Company bees) were plagued with mites, pretty bad, actually. I am a returning customer because I trust The Honey Company’s care and passion for quality bees. They really care about their customers and their bees. If I could give more stars, I would.

  4. Richard Villeneuve

    Do you ship?

    • thehoneycompany (verified owner)

      We do not ship. (We tried a few times, but the bees died each time.)

  5. Scott Downey

    These nucs are amazing. The queens from the feral queen project are simply amazing. I’ve purchased several nucs (and feral queens) from The Honey Company and the bees have been gentle and highly productive. I 100% recommend The Honey Company

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