Package of Honeybees with Feral Queen (Sold out for 2018)


UPDATE: Available until 4/14 at Noon. Pickup is 4/14 at 916 West 1150 South, Provo from 9-Noon.
3# Packages SOLD OUT. We will sell 2# packages until they sell out at the pickup.

Package of honeybees with queen in a temporary, portable cage. Your choice of package size (2- or 3-pounds). Queens are a cross between our Utah Feral bees and California drones.

Beekeepers can shake packages into any type of hive.

Package pickup tentatively April 14, 2018 from 9-noon at 916 W 1150 S Provo.

Out of 600-800 package that we bring in every year, there are always a few queens (about 4%) that go wrong. Most colonies release the queen successfully and thrive. We gladly replace queens within the first 10 days.




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Bee “Packages” are small portable cages that hold 2 or 3 pounds of worker bees with a queen. These come in April. Beekeepers pick up packages on a set date, transport them to their apiary to install them in the hive, and then return the cages for recycling.

2-pound packages are standard in the beekeeping industry, but many hobbyists prefer 3-pound packages because there are more worker bees to help the colony get started. After about 6 weeks, package hives are about equal in worker numbers.

Beekeepers usually need to feed packages honey or sugar syrup to prevent starvation.

Packages can be installed into any type of hive, while nucs are limited to deep, Langstroth boxes only.

Additional information

Package Size

2-Pound Package, $115, 3-Pound Package, $140


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