Queen Bee 2024

Selling California queens (Italian & Carniolan Hybrid) AND queens from The Feral Bee Project. Pre-order now for pickup this spring or summer. See pickup details below. We do NOT ship queens at this time.



2024 Pickup Options:

  • At the Package Pickup: Saturday April 13 from 9-Noon in Provo, UT. California Queens available.
  • At a Nuc Pickup: Friday from 6-9 pm on May 24 & May 31 in Highland, UT, or June 7 in Spring City, UT. Queens from The Feral Bee Project Available.
  • Self-Serve Queen Bank in Mapleton, UT starting in June. Queens from The Feral Bee Project Available.

Please call Stan at 801-735-7227 to arrange pickup outside of these dates. He can be hard to catch on the phone, so keep trying if he doesn’t answer at first. It’s tricky to answer the phone in a bee suit.

California Mini Cage VS Push-In Cage

Choose to pick up your queen in a California mini cage or a push-in cage. We recommend a push-in cage where possible.

California Mini Cage

Advantage: This is the easiest way to pick up a queen. She is in a small cage that is easy to pick up and put in your pocket.

Disadvantages: When we put a queen in a California mini cage, the queen stops laying eggs for a time. When she stops laying eggs, her Queen Mandibular Pheromone (QMP) decreases. When she does not smell good (with QMP), the bees are less likely to accept her and might ball and kill her.

Occasionally when a queen stops laying eggs, it takes her a while to start laying eggs again.

Push-In Cage

Advantages: With a push-in cage, the queen is on comb, and will continue to lay eggs and releasing QMP. The more pheromones she has, the better she smells and she is more likely to be accepted by the bees. 

Disadvantages: It is a little harder to use a push-in cage.

If you choose a push-in cage, please bring your own frame of drawn comb with a little bit of honey somewhere on the frameWe will move the queen and cage onto your frame to transport her. Then you will place the frame with the queen and push-in cage into the colony to introduce the queen.

If you do not have a frame with drawn comb, choose the California mini cage option.

1 review for Queen Bee 2024

  1. Justin

    Hi I was wondering if you would ship me some queens

    • thehoneycompany (verified owner)

      Thanks for asking. Unfortunately, we do not ship queens at this time. We only offer them for local pickup.

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