Restaurant Honeycomb Display


Enjoy fresh honeycomb on your charcuterie board or cheese plate buffet! Perfect for restaurants, catering, or parties!

The display stand is made locally and will fit frames from standard Langstroth hives (deep, medium, or shallow). It is made from pine and finished with olive oil and beeswax. Since each display stand is hand made and one of a kind, there will be variations in the wood and may have minor chips or cracks.

We can ship anywhere in the USA. Price includes shipping.

Comb honey available seasonally. Contact Stan at 801-735-7227 or for more information.

Note: Cleanup may be easier if you put a tray or small plate under the comb while cutting it. An 18″x4″ serving platter is ideal in this stand. 5″x15″ will also work, but will have more space on the sides. DRIP TRAY NOT INCLUDED.


A note on honeycomb.

In the beehive, bees build honeycomb on frames using beeswax, which is made up of  hexagon-shaped cylinders. Then the bees fill the comb with honey, and seal the individual cells with a wax lid. When we eat comb honey, we eat the wax, honey and all.
We give the bees an empty frame like this one.
Bees work to build honeycomb,
Then slowly fill the cells with honey,
Until they make a full frame of honeycomb with wax cappings.
We suggest that you purchase a frame of honeycomb from a local beekeeper who has a standard Langstroth beehive. Any depth of Langstroth frame could work. The display was designed for deep frames, but will hold medium and shallow frames with a larger space between the frame and the base of the stand.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs

Display Case Style 1, Display Case Style 2, Seconds (Discounted)


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