Timberframe Project

Timber frame Project by Stan
This winter our yard was full of timber frame. Stan was commissioned to build it for a friend. Here is what it looks like completed. Very nice!
This is the structure of the center joint.
IMG_9814 IMG_9813 IMG_9812
And here is how the side joints fit together.
 IMG_9802 IMG_9811
Fitted together. Now make sure the joints are tight.
IMG_9818 IMG_9819
Dowels added to hold it in place.
Believe it or not, the hardest part was marking the curve on the arc. After many attempts, Stan used a long beam with a pencil that fit into a drilled hole as a compass. Then he cut the curve with a chainsaw. (I think safe chainsaw skills are really manly and handsome, by the way! How many men do YOU know who could do it?) Then he fine-tuned the curve with hand chisels. Maybe someday I will post the chainsaw video.
The joint hole in the center arched beam took patience because he had to keep cleaning out the drill bit.
He got so frustrated that he finally had to ask Clara for help. She showed him just how to hammer in the pegs, and then saw off the extra ends.

This was C’s favorite jungle gym for a while. She loved to walk round and round on these elevated beams.
Here is the finished product (again).


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