What to bring to a nuc pickup

To Bring

  • The new hive: One deep box or barn hive, 1 lid, and 1 bottom board.


  • Protective clothing (suit, jacket, bee veil, etc.) Please wear closed-toed shoes and long pants as well. We will have a few extra bee suits to loan for the event, if needed.


  • Gloves


  • Smoker with matches and fuel (burlap)


  • Tie downs for your hive: bungee cord, rope, etc. You will need to tie one around the box to hold it together, and others to tie it to the truck bed.
  • Duct tape to seal the entrance if transporting bees in an enclosed cab. It’s best to transport bees in a truck. Duct tape is not necessary in a truck.
  • Camp chair


To be done in DAYLIGHT:

Transfer the nuc from our equipment into yours. See This Post for how to do transfer the nuc. We want you to inspect your hive before you take it home. We especially want you to see eggs in the hive.


To be done AFTER DARK:

Transport your bees to your apiary. We do this after dark so most of the worker bees will be home for the evening.

You will need to place the hive in its long-term location before dawn. Moving bees across the backyard is tricky.

Observers are welcome.

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