What you need to know about nuc pickups

Getting ready to pick up a nucleus colony?

Here are some things you need to know about picking up your nucs. 

We want to set you up for success. Before taking the nuc home, we want you to look inside the hive and make sure the colony is thriving, the queen is laying eggs, and see the temperament your bees. It can also give new beekeepers confidence to inspect their colony for the first time with other beekeepers around. 

We set up our nuc pickups so that you can inspect your colony and transfer it to your equipment during daylight hours (around 6:00 PM), and then take them home after dusk (around 8:30 or 9:00 PM). 

2021 Pickup Info

Pickups will be from 6:00 pm until Dusk

  • May 7 Cancelled
  • May 14, 19, & 28 in a pasture at about 1830 North 2800 West in Provo, UT
  • May 21 in a pasture at about 250 East 900 North in Spring City, UT (just east of the “new” church on the North side of Spring City)
Provo Pickup Location

Provo Pickup Location

 Spring City Pickup Location

To Bring

  • Hive
    • One deep box
    • 5 frames (the nuc will come on 5 more to make 10 total)
    • 1 lid
    • 1 bottom board


  • Protective clothing
    • Suit, jacket, bee veil, etc.
    • Please wear closed-toed shoes and long pants. 
    • We will have a few extra bee suits to loan for the event, if needed
  • Beekeeping Gloves
  • Smoker with matches and fuel (burlap)
  • Tie downs for your hive: bungee cord, rope, etc. You will need to tie one around the box to hold it together, and others to tie it to the truck bed. 
  • Duct tape to seal the entrance if transporting bees in an enclosed cab. It’s best to transport bees in a truck. Duct tape is not necessary in a truck. 
  • First aid supplies for bee stings, as desired.

To be done in DAYLIGHT:

Transfer the nuc from our equipment into yours. See This Post for how to do transfer the nuc. We want you to inspect your hive before you take it home. We especially want you to see eggs in the hive. 


To be done AFTER DUSK:

Transport your bees to your apiary. We do this after dark so most of the worker bees will be home for the evening and no longer flying. 

Place your hive in its long-term location before dawn. (Moving bees across the backyard is tricky.)

Watch these videos about transferring nucs

For written instructions, check out this post. 

Nuc Transfer Instructions

Observers are welcome.

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