Worker Bee Emerging from Her Cell

Dale Wright and his amazing wife Valerie just sent these photos in sequence of a worker bee emerging from her cell. I thought I’d share it here so you can see it too! It’s amazing to see how bee biology works from these pictures.

Here is the frame from which she will emerge. It is a middle bar frame and is holding up to the weight of the bees. Dale and Valerie track the hive and frame with a numbering system, shown.


See the bee in the middle (lower left middle) poking her little head out?


Here she is starting to crawl out.



And then she’s out, ready to take on the world, once her wings dry. Her first job will be to clean her room (and other cells that may need cleaning). New bees pitch in where needed in the hive, but she will generally spend a few days cleaning cells and then move onto “nurse bee.”


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