Beeswax Polish

Made from beeswax and olive oil, this beeswax polish works on leather or wood. This natural beeswax polish will increase the life and durability of the surface and it looks super pretty too!  See use instructions below.

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Works on leather or wood!

To use on leather, clean off the surface, get a bit of polish on your hand, rub it onto the surface generously, and wipe off the excess with a towel. It nourishes your hands at the same time. One jar lasts for about 4 polishes on a tall pair of boots. 

Stan is tough on boots as he works in all sorts of apiaries. When I polish them regularly with beeswax polish, they last a YEAR longer, saving us time and money.

To use on wood, you will have best results if you rub the polish into the wood, melt the polish with a heat gun, and then wipe off the excess. Heat helps the wax soak into the wood.

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