best beekeeping resource…

The Honey Company is the best beekeeping resource in the Provo area! They have made themselves available at the best […]

purchasing nucs…

Thanks for the extraordinary help you have given me as I have purchased nucs the past couple of years.  Not […]

a lost queen…

The honey Company is the best company i have ever bought my bees from. much better to work with than […]

a reputable source…

As first-time bee keepers, after quite a lot of research, we learned of The Honey Company when we were searching […]

83 pounds of honey . . .

“Thanks for the awesome nuc I got from you this year. I put it in the hive that my bees […]

more confident as beekeepers . . .

Stan and Alicia, Thank you for letting us learn from you. We have learned so much and are getting more […]

Go Honey on the Appalachian Trail

Mike Rossi of New York At the end-of-day tomorrow I’ll be starting a 2-week hiking trip on the Appalachian Trail.  […]

Hiking with Honey Bears

Hey…I’ve been using the “bears” you sent and have discovered and interesting “hiking” use for them.  When I’m “out” in […]

Rachel’s Cottage House Go Honey Review

The Honey Company generously sent me a sample of their Go Honey honey pouches.  I was thrilled when I opened […]

Fit and Frugal Kitchen Go Honey Review

It’s that time of year again. Another spring, another saga. Same old saga, actually. The one that entails  a lot […]

Wendy McMillan

Super Healthy Kids

Well, yesterday was the big race.  26.2 miles and many hours later, I crossed the finish line in 82nd place […]

Laurel on Health Food

Here’s another healthy product giveaway contest! The Honey Company sells all natural, unfiltered, raw honey and they sent me a […]

Rate the Plate Go Honey Review

The Honey Company provided a pouch of their Go Honey product for us to review.  Go Honey is creatively-packaged source […]

Amazing Queens!

The 3# packages my friend and I hived on April 11th (just 18 days ago) are loaded with brood. The […]

Scott Downey

Folks you can trust.

I have known Stan and Alicia for 3 years now while trying to learn the art of beekeeping. They are […]

Brent DeMille

one new queen, one satisfied customer

I did not buy my bees from the Honey Company, but their name was given to me when I lost […]

Daren Deadmond