If you keep bees, you are going to have a lot of questions about a wide range of beekeeping topics. Over the past 30+ years, Stan and I have helped thousands of people with their bees. You have asked some really great, important questions. We gathered all of the questions and answers together to write a series of six beekeeping courses. 

Taking these courses will help you become a better beekeeper, whether you are just starting out, have a few years’ experience, or are an expert.

We are continually adding to and improving our courses as we get more awesome questions from beekeepers like you. Come along with us for the journey.

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  1. My First Colony-$100 Value
  2. Beginning Beekeeping Skills-$100 Value
  3. How is My Queen?-$100 Value
  4. Are My Bees Healthy?-$100 Value
  5. Honey and Beeswax-$100 Value
  6. Queen Rearing-$100 Value

My First Colony

New beekeepers START HERE.

FREE Course ($100 Value)

How to choose your first colony, hive, protective clothing, and beekeeping tools

Beginning Beekeeping Skills


How to inspect and expand your colony over summer and prepare for winter

How Is My Queen?


How to check if your colony is queen-right and troubleshoot if things go wrong

Are My Bees Healthy?


How to prevent, diagnose, and treat common honey bee diseases and pests

Honey & Beeswax


How to harvest, extract, and bottle honey PLUS how to render beeswax and make beeswax products

Queen Rearing


How to raise queen bees using the Doolittle/Grafting Method