Are My Bees Healthy?

Learn to Prevent, Diagnose, and Treat Honey Bee Diseases

If you keep honey bees, chances are good your colonies will experience disease and pests. This can lead to important questions about bee health.

You might be wondering. . .

  • What are varroa mites and how do I get rid of them?
  • My colony died. What happened?
  • Should I treat my bees, be treatment-free, or go organic?
  • Do skunks really eat bees?
  • What other pests can affect my colonies?
  • How can I prevent diseases?
  • What are small hive beetles?

You are not alone.

Over the past 30+ years, Stan and I have helped thousands of people with their bees. You have asked some really great, important questions about honey bee diseases. We gathered all of the questions and answers together to write a series of beekeeping courses. 

In our PREMIUM course, Are My Bees Healthy?, you will learn how to prevent, diagnose, and treat honey bee diseases and pests.

Why Take This Course?

As a beekeeper, you will probably encounter some honey bee diseases. This course will help you be prepared with what to do when it happens.

This course includes over 40 video and text lessons. We will take you beekeeping and share step-by-step strategies, inspection tips, and troubleshooting guides to help keep your colonies healthy and happy. 

Preventing disease by culling old comb
Smells in a hive
What is the mite load in my colony?

Skills You Will Learn

How to test for varroa mites and make treatment decisions

How to prevent disease by culling old comb

How to prevent and treat for Foulbrood

How to recognize smells in the hive

How to recognize pesticide kill and absconding compared to normal hive behavior

To recognize and repair wax moth and mouse damage to a hive

How to recognize when skunks are eating your bees at night and how to fix it

Take Our Online Courses Anytime, Anywhere in the World.

Begin any time of year, and refer back to the info when you need to.

100% Self-paced with pre-recored videos.

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52 Emails

Don’t have time to complete all of the lessons? We’ve got you covered. We took the information across all six of our courses and divided it into 52 condensed emails. You can avoid overwhelm by focusing on 1-2 topics per week in the season that you need the information.

NOTE: Weekly emails will span all six courses. You will be able to access links within courses you signed up for.

Over 100 Printable Guides

Most lessons contain printable guides, including checklists, recipes, tutorials, and more! Print and reprint them as often as you need. These are great resources for bee clubs or teaching beekeeping classes.

Access them within the lessons, or find all of them on the downloads page.


  • Summer Hive Inspection Checklist
  • Recipe for our signature lip balm
  • Development time of honey bees
  • Queen rearing calendar
  • Beekeeping Glossary
  • Top 15 Mistakes that New Beekeepers Make
  • Queen Troubleshooting Flow Chart
  • And more!

Do You Offer Refunds?

Yes. If you finish the course and feel like you haven’t learned anything new, email us within 30 days for a full refund. 


Join thousands of beekeepers from around the country who have created successful apiaries and discovered the joy of keeping honey bees.

Here is what our customers have to say!

More Confident as Beekeepers

“Stan and Alicia, Thank you for letting us learn from you. We have learned so much and are getting more confident as beekeepers. There is a huge difference between a book education and watching Stan work:) We really appreciate your friendship.”

Andrea and kids, Spanish Fork, Utah

Folks You Can Trust

“I have known Stan and Alicia for 3 years now while trying to learn the art of beekeeping. They are perfect contacts to get you started and keep you going. Very knowledgeable and patient with everyone. . . . They teach classes, have online videos, and will give ongoing support.”

Brent DeMille, Utah

Successfully Completing This Course Requires

  • We hope you begin this course BEFORE you counter honey bee disease.
  • Begin this course AFTER you have
    • Completed our free course, My First Colony and premium course Beginning Beekeeping Skills –OR–
    • Already have honey bee colonies and some experience.
  • We assume you will keep European Honey Bees.
  • The material in this class applies best to temperate regions with a winter season.

About the Creators

Photo Credit to Dan Barnett

Hi. We are Stan and Alicia Moulton and we own and operate The Honey Company in Spring City, Utah. We have helped thousands of new beekeepers get started over the past 30 years and 4 generations of beekeeping. Stan likes to say “I’ve killed more colonies than you ever will as I’ve learned to keep bees.” Learn from our mistakes and successes as you keep bees too. 

Class Curriculum

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