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We listened to questions from hundreds of honey bee customers over decades, then compiled and answered them in these membership resources.

We care about your success and want your colonies to stay alive, you to enjoy your hobby, and then encourage friends to try it too.

Our goal with these resources is to increase the likelihood that your bees will stay alive, and help you become a better beekeeper.

Get started with a membership today!

Free Membership
"Ask Me Anything" Video Recordings, Value $15/Month
Organized Beekeeping Video Library, Value $10/Month
10 Beginning Beekeeping Lessons, Value $25
Printables, Value $20
Quick-Start Guide to Buying Your First Hive, Value $15
Access to First Beekeeping Course: My First Hive Value $100
Total Value $460/Year
Monthly Membership
Everything Included in the Free Membership PLUS
"Ask Me Anything" Live Sessions, Value $35/Month
No More Overwhelm--52 Beekeeping Emails With What You Need to Know That Week, Value $15/month
Expanded Printables Section, Value $50
Access to Six University-Level Online Beekeeping Courses, With Over 40 Lessons Each! Lessons include text and video. Value $600. Courses Include
My First Hive
Do My Bees Have Enough Room?
How is My Queen?
Are My Bees Healthy?
Is There Honey?
Queen Rearing (Coming Soon)
Total Value $750!
Yearly Membership
Everything Included in the Free and Monthly Memberships, PLUS
Save Over 25% When You Subscribe for a Year
Total Value $1,310
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